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How to find a reliable supplier

The data shows that heavy duty truck production is in a steady increasing, so there will be in a great need in repair parts. Transmission system, injection system, compression system, cooling system, braking system, and so on

Air clutch servo acts an very important role in braking system, usually pneumatic clutch booster system contains main cylinder and slave booster cylinder. They transmit by air

What should we do after occurring a clutch servo faulty?

Solution A:ordering a new original clutch servo for car

But customers always want to save cost with corresponding quality,price is too high and repair store doesn’t make money

Solution B:find the broken parts and repair it,

But it is difficult to find a professional and reliable clutch servo repair kits supplier, because so many suppliers are worldwide, especially the quality is jagged, and then the price ranges from low to very high, and what about the delivering time

First of all, you need to find low cost of producing area, like the developing country China, Turkey…,need to know if the suppliers own total certificates of commercial vehicle and the true manufacturers. Later is the price, you need to compare with different suppliers, considering about the delivering time, usually in 1-3working days. If you still can’t judge, order a sample from suppliers to have a test

What is more, if the sample or orders in the future are not ok, if there is enough warranty and the service to provide your benefit

we are a manufacturer very specializing in providing clutch servo repair kits for heavy duty truck ,like Mercedes Benz actor and others brands.


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