About Us


What we do?

ECMOVO Ltd is a technology-based factory located in Shenzhen, China. We are a professional and proficient supplier specialized in NEW CUSTOMIZED Turbo Electronic Actuator replacements from manufacture to distribution with high quality for automobile turbocharger repair and re-manufacture all over the world.


How we do it?

All our electronic actuators are carefully redesigned and well built within our own factory where all products fully meet the OE specifications. We well understand the European Quality Standard and strictly comply with ISO/TS16949 in process from design to delivery. At each stage of the production process a series of quality inspection and test is undertaken to ensure each unit will meet the standards required of the quality control.



Ecmovo Advantages

  • Actuators Only — As a factory, we focus all our attention only on Turbo Electronic Actuators. We dedicate to coping with the common failures of OE actuators and improving the quality to achieve a longer serve life.
  • Customer-centric Management — Our unique on-demand production business mode determines that we focus 100% on customers’ demands and work closely with our customers to work out the best fit solutions.
  • Price Superiority — No more intermediate links, favorable wholesale price from factory direct to customers. Fix your turbo actuator problems without replacing the whole turbo unit at a high price, lower your cost up to 40%.
  • Strong Technical Support — We have a strong international R&D team that masters the most cutting-edge turbo technology for most car makes and models, which supports us to continually upgrade the OE quality.
  • 2 Years Warranty — All our actuators are well-built and thoroughly tested and come with a two years warranty. We have responsive before-sale guidance and attentive after-sale service. Please rest assured to purchase.