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clutch booster repair

As we know, clutch booster plays a very important role in clutch servo transmission system, Clutch servos have the function to proportionally “amplify” the foot pedal force by using oil or air from the vehicle’s oil tank or compressed air system during the clutch disengagement process.

The advantage of air clutch booster is

1,reduce noise from drivetrain

2 reduce force from pedal

3 reduce maintenance costs

4 enable optimize control

5 reduce permeation


And air clutch booster system is used for heavy load truck more and more, like Mercedes Benz, MAN, DAF, VOLVO, SCANIA…

But it also have a limit life with a frequent transmission ,and the price of changing a complete actuator is expensive. how about having a repair?

So we need to know the components of it and what are the clutch servo repair kits


The problem most should be solenoid valve and O-ring sealing, so that not enough air pressure pushes piston forward. Just change it, save more costs

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