Clutch Servo Repair Kits For MB actros 0002500562

Reference Number:0002500562

Model:MB actros

Power input  22-28V

Temperature  -40℃-120℃

Frequency  20HZ

Duty cycle   50%

Open speed  <0.5ms

Closed speed  <10ms


  • excellent responding time (<0.5ms)
  • more than 5 million cycles testin
  • advanced sealing design ensure valve without leakage at 10 bar
  • working from -45℃ to 120℃ with no risk
  • Europe warehouse with delivering time 1 to 3 working days
  • Best after service

IATF 16949/VDA6.3/ISO 9001

Clutch Servo Repair Kits For MB actros 0002500562 fully follow IATF 16949 development process, conduct complete quality gate management process for actuator design/ performance proof/Design and Validation testing which providing the durable engineering release support.It is air clutch booster system

ESC verification for environment-friendly

RoHS and REACH certification for environment-friendly

KPC/PQC/KCC/POKA YOKA/QAM for manufacturing process management

3/ISO 9001/IATF 16949 for project/quality management


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